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Lottery Picks and Predictions
Daily service which emails you the very best lottery
numbers to use for your state lotto games!

Pick 3 - Pick 4 - Pick 5 - Mega Millions - Powerball - AND MORE!

We have picked winning numbers for every state Pick 3 drawing!

Need some lucky numbers for your state lottery game tomorrow?
We have an enormous database of winning numbers from every state lottery drawing since 1997. We use this analysis to predict the very best lottery numbers for you to use for your state lotto games.

How well do we do? We have picked winning numbers for every single state Pick 3 lottery game through the years. Here are some of our jackpots we hit, and also some very recent winning numbers to show how close we were from hitting the jackpots once again.

You will be amazed at our results!

Date State Game Our Pick Winning #
5/31/03 MD Pick 3 0-2-0 0-2-0
7/5/03 OH Pick 3 4-5-1 4-5-0
6/13/03 NY Pick 3 2-4-7 3-4-7
6/2/03 MI Pick 4 4-1-6-0 4-1-6-1
6/9/03 CA Pick 3 2-3-6 4-6-2
5/29/03 SC Pick 3 7-9-8 7-9-8

Jackpots in all states vary, but usually if you get Pick 3 straight on $1 bet, the
jackpot is around $500 and if you hit the Pick 4, the jackpot is around $5,000

What our customers have been saying:

Thank you so much! The cost of this service has paid for itself 10 times over every month for me. I tried your lucky numbers and I was so close to winning the first couple weeks, then the 3rd week, I hit the California Pick 3 jackpot $500!!

Sharon P - Los Angeles, CA

I used to try and analyze the lottery numbers but I just have no more time now that im working so much. I just wake up, check my email, and use the lucky lottery numbers each afternoon. After only two months of using your service, I hit a $250 jackpot!

Jack A - Brooklyn, NY

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Your source for
the best lottery picks for all USA state lotto games
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