Fake Cursing Lottery Tickets

Fake Cursing Lottery Tickets Scratch Off Lotto Tickets
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Fake Cursing Scratch Off Ticket

Fool your friends with fake cursing lottery tickets
These fake lotto tickets are so funny, they will have you rolling on the
floor laughing in tears!  Perfect for holiday gifts and family parties!

This is by far the best deal you will find for these fake lottery tickets! Just put one of these lottery tickets in a birthday card and let the fun begin! When the person scratches off the section instead of winning they get cursed out!! What a nasty prank! These fake lotto tickets are top quality and will look and feel like the real thing! They will never know it's fake! Tickets will come in 4 assorted styles as picture above shows. All tickets will have different nasty curse phrases so please adults only! 

All fake cursing lottery tickets are guaranteed to have your friends tricked!

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You will receive a set of 8 fake cursing lottery tickets
(2 each of our 4 realistic styles)

Only $4.95 for all 8 scratch off cursing fake lottery tickets


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Fake Lottery Tickets
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Fake Cursing Lottery Tickets are mailed same day ordered